Working together with management

Working together with management

From the beginning of the investment to the planned exit, Equity United fully commits to a partnership conducive to mutual success.

While companies in the growth stage have overcome the valley of death, the entrepreneurial drive remains pivotal to leading the company to a new level of excellence.

We are looking for enthusiastic, open-minded and dedicated management teams that have a clear vision for their company and are not satisfied with “good enough” results.

Unlike buy-out strategies, our philosophy is not to implement drastic turnarounds and interfere with the management’s growth plans. But we also do not remain in the passenger seat, content merely with the bottom line. Beyond the initial investment, we support the management’s vision with our advice, resources and connections at all times.

To accomplish this, Equity United is committed to a partnership based on transparency and trust. From initial pre-investment talks to successful exit, we institute clearly articulated expectations and professional communication from both parties, yet always with an amicable touch.