Investment strategy

Our Investment Strategy

Equity United seeks minority equity deals in Baltic growth companies with ambition and drive for success.

Our investment profile

1-4m EUR investment

We are flexible on the invested amount in order to best cater to company’s needs.


Significant minority ownership

We are looking to be significant minority owners (<50%) as we prefer the management and founders to have skin in the game


Supporting growth

The primary use of proceeds for our target companies is growth or acquisition capital.


Getting involved

We expect management teams to continue running their companies, but we also believe that we can bring useful contacts and additional knowledge. Therefore we usually co-lead and reserve a seat in Board of Directors.

Company profile

Significant founder ownership: 30%+

We believe that meaningful founder ownership creates the best alignment with the interests of shareholders.


Solid revenue base: EUR 500,000+

We expect to invest into great businesses, not merely great concepts. We value companies that have proven their product and sales model can work on a smaller scale but require capital for more aggressive growth.

High growth: 25% growth

As growth investors, our investments are often among the fastest growing companies in their respective industry. Growing revenue and market share are excellent indicators of the company’s position in the market.


Profitable or near break-even:

We prefer investing into companies that do not necessarily need external capital but benefit from it. Consistent and predictable cash flows with low capital requirements are preferred.