How we add value

How we add value

By leveraging our expertise and professional network, Equity United supports the management with clear strategic, operational and financial advice.

Co-developing strategy

While we prefer to invest in companies whose management has an established strategy in mind, we aim to supplement it with our expertise gained from previous investments across different business models and industries.

By providing constructive criticism to existing plans and brainstorming new possibilities, we seek to forge a solid growth plan that both parties can believe in.

Towards superior operational and financial excellence

By identifying potential enhancements in operations, financial management, and corporate governance, we strive to unlock hidden value in the portfolio companies. However, we do not intend to take drastic measures that could disrupt the existing framework unnecessarily. Instead, we seek to implement changes together with the understanding and support of the management.

Finding a suitable exit

With long-standing experience in navigating Baltic capital markets and extensive professional network, the partners are responsible for structuring and executing the most suitable exit strategy for the company. Be it a trade sale, financial sale, IPO or a management buyout, the road to a successful exit will be mapped out from the initial stages of the investment and tailored to maximize the value to all stakeholders.